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Golden’s global footprint means that our customers can source peanuts from multiple plant locations, which rely on advanced processing technology. Our geographic diversity – including more than 100 buying points – reduces risk for buyers by providing flexibility in logistics, including supply, transportation and delivery.

Main Offices

Albany, GA Regional Office
Alpharetta, GA Corporate Headquarters

Peanut Facilities

Ashburn, GA Shelling (runner type), Cold Storage
Blakely, GA Specialty Products- Peanut Flours, Roasted Aromatic Peanut Oil, Peanut Extract, Organic Versions
Comyn, TX Cold storage, Organic Handling
Dawson, GA Shelling (runner type), Oil Refinery, Crushing Plant, Cold Storage, Hull and Fiber
Headland, AL Shelling (runner type), Cold Storage, Blanching, Hull & fiber
Seagraves, TX Shelling (Virginia, Spanish, Runner types), In-Shell (Virginia, Spanish types), Cold Storage, Organic Handling and Shelling
Alejandro Roca, Cordoba Shelling (runner type)