Refined Peanut Oil Division

Dawson, GA-Refined Peanut Oil Plant
Dawson, GA-Refined Peanut Oil Plant

Refined Peanut Oil is a highly stable allergen free* and trans fat free cooking oil that has a pleasant flavor. Refined Peanut Oil is very low in saturated fats and is a popular oil for frying applications due to its high smoke point.

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Feature Benefit
Trans Fat Free
High Stability
Excellent Flavor Profile
Low In Saturated Fats
Allergen Free*
Healthy label declaration
Long Fry Life/Cost Savings
Greater Consumer Acceptance
Healthy label declaration
Wide Application

* Based on the "Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004, Sec. 203, subsection 7, part C.c.1.qq.2.1” under Conforming Amendments, states that highly refined oils are exempted as major food allergens and thus no petition is needed.

Available with or without antioxidants and antifoaming agents. Packaging options include Bulk Rail, Bulk Truck, Totes, 425 lb Drums, and smaller containers. FOB Dawson, GA 39842.

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